The Little Party Shoppe has a selection of novelty gifts that cater to any age group, from toys and games, to gardening kits and tools, to books and party games! If you need fun toys for lootbags, the latest trends for kids (like popsocklets!), or a hostess gift, you’ll find them here! Puzzles as well, we have tons of options!

And we are one of the largest card shops in Toronto!

Gift Bags

Larger selection in store!!!





Puzzles for all ages!


*More designs available in store!


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(NEW!) Eurographics:


John Lennon (1000 pieces) Queen Elizabeth II (1000 pieces) Starry Night (2000 pieces), Frida Kahlo’s Self-Portrait With Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (1000 pieces), Girl With the Pearl Earring (1000 pieces) Miro’s Swallow Love (1000 pieces), Klimt’s The Virgin (1000 pieces), Van Gogh’s Twelve Sunflowers (1000 pieces)


Monet’s The Japanese Footbridge (1000 pieces), Chagall’s The Couple (1000 pieces), Gagnon’s Winter Morning in Baie-St-Paul (1000 pieces), Lightning Striking Tree (1000 pieces) Hockey Season (1000 pieces), The Usual Gang (1000 pieces), After School Fun (1000 pieces) Evening Skating (1000 pieces), Snow Day (1000 pieces) Funny Cats (1000 pieces), Funny Dogs (1000 pieces) The Cat (500 pieces), Downtown Holiday Festival (500 pieces), Emoji Puzzle (300 pieces), Yoga is a family activity (500 pieces), Yoga kittens (300 puzzles) and (300 pieces) The world of cats (1000 pieces), Yoga Cats (1000 pieces) Yoga Dogs (1000 pieces) and The world of dogs (1000 pieces)



Hockey (100 pieces), Zoo (100 pieces), Basketball (100 pieces) Colourful Tea Cups (1000 pieces), Tea Cup Collection (1000 pieces)

(NEW!) Galison:


Unicorn Reading (500 pieces), New York Christmas (SOLD OUT), Electric Confetti Neon (300 pieces), Wonder & Bloom (SOLD OUT)


Designers Guild Tourange Shaped Puzzle (750 pieces), Rose All Day Shaped Puzzle (500 pieces), Vintage Typewriter Shaped Puzzle SOLD OUT, Smart Puzzle Glue



Panoramic Puzzles: Central Park Cityscape (SOLD OUT), Rainbow Flowers (1000 pieces), Needlepoint A to Z (1000 pieces)



Now House (1000 pieces, Andy Warhol’s Marilyn (2 in 1, 500 pieces), Double-Sided Distorted Cubes (500 pieces)


Celebrate Everything (1000 pieces), Jazz Club (SOLD OUT), Frank Lloyd’s foil gold puzzle (1000 pieces-SOLD OUT),


Fuzzy Puzzles (42 pieces): Llamas, Bugs, Unicorns, Dinosaurs. Puzzles to Go: Dogs and Unicorns


White Mountain:


550 piece puzzles: Road Signs, Travel The World (SOLD OUT), Classic Games, and Retro




Dogs at the Park (SOLD OUT), Copenhagen (SOLD OUT), New York City Life(SOLD OUT), Jane Austen’s Book Club


Positivity (SOLD OUT), Eating Outside (1000 pieces), Urban Gardening (1000 pieces), Climate Action (500 pieces), Moon Dance (500 pieces)



1000 piece-puzzles: Copenhagen (SOLD OUT), Whimsical Village, Cats in Positano, New York City Life. 1000-piece puzzles: Bountiful Garden (SOLD OUT), Coral Reef (SOLD OUT), Birds in Fern



Pomegranate  (Art Piece Puzzle)



***Karaoke Microphone & Bluetooth Speaker***



Super popular gift for teenagers and adults, this is a professional mixer, you can record and change your voice with it! Super cool! Download the app and sing along your favourite songs, interview your friends and family, or host a trivia game and make everything more interesting! Available in gold, silver & black.




***Blue Q Funny Socks***


Fun socks for women (more designs available at the store!) Funny socks for men (more available at the store!)


Stylish doormats to welcome you home!

*more designs available in store!*



More designs available in store!

We love stuffies!


Rainbow, Medium Unicorn, Small Unicorn and Cloud Medium Beaver, Medium Zebra, Large Teddy Bear, Small Caramel Dog, Small Cinnamon Hamster, Small Monkey, Small Brown & White Dog

Large, Medium & Small Avocados, Medium Toaster, Medium & Small Boiled Eggs, and Medium Fried Eggs

Medium & Small Pineapples, Medium Watermelon, Medium Clementine, Small Avocado


It doesn’t matter the breed, all dogs are welcome here!


***Dog lovers gifts***




Calendars, playing cards, stuffed animals, socks bags, puzzles, and many other items for your dog lover friends!

***Cat lovers gifts***




Calendars, playing cards, stuffed animals, socks bags, puzzles, and many other items for your cat lover friends!

***Eco-friendly gifts***





Jude’s miracle cloth, multi-purpose scrubber, reusable straws, insulated bottles, produce bags… So many options for ecological gifts!





Loqi bags: use them for Christmas shopping or give them to your friends!




Great and trendy prints. Just received the brand new Museum Collection!  



***Spa day gifts***




Here are some of our best items for teens. Have a spa day with a group of your friends. Make up eraser, turban hair towel, fun shower caps, gel masks, and bath burst are just the beginning: come in and see our other options!


***Car lovers gifts***




Car lovers are going to LOVE these items!

Calendars, socks, trivia games, flat lights, quick clips, keychain, miniatures… and more! 


***Music lover gifts***





This combo is for MUSIC lovers!!!

Books, games, socks, a super fun voice changer, harmonica and whistle, even an inflatable guitar (!!!) are here for all music tribes!!!


***Teenager girls gifts***






Everything you need to make your life sweet <3 Puzzles, games, candies, squishables, stationary and more items are available for your delight =D Call us to place your order 😉



***Science lovers gifts***



Globe Model Puzzle, “Destroy This Book In the Name Of Science” book, Man on the Moon puzzle, Divided By Science Trivia Game, Galaxy 1000 Piece Puzzle






***Funny oven mittens and socks***





Larger selection in store!!!







Socks to keep you warm this winter!