Make your own loot bags

Now it’s EASY! 

Come in for our fantastic selection of cool and trendy items. Personalize your perfect bags for babies, children, teens and even adults. 

With great quality toys, crafts and novelties, add fun candies and kabobs.   

  • Choose the loot
  • Choose the candy
  • Choose the gift bags 

and go…………………………..

Too Busy??

 Just give us a call at 416.487.7855 and we’ll help you find the right items for your lootbags! That goes for your party supplies and balloons too! One quick call and we will have all your party needs ready for pick up or delivery

Here are a few examples of lootbags other parents have put together themselves. 

We have a lot more other option available in store. 




Lootbag items for girls






Lootbag items for boys




Lootbag items for children under 3 








Pez dispensers are great to add more fun to your lootbags!

Call us to confirm availability! 






Sour, 50 Flavours, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Very Cherry, Lime Lemon are just a few flavours that we have. More delicious Jelly Belly beans available for your appreciation. #YAMY